June 2019

I cannot recommend The Helpful Nanny enough. Sarah provides trustworthy work ethics and childcare talents, she is a complete asset to help you with your childcare needs.  Sarah knows childcare and housekeeping work exceptionally well. Her multitasking abilities are brilliant, from interacting and entertaining children of different ages, fantastic cooking skills, home organisation, and much more.  Sarah always behaves and acts professionally, as well as being a friendly and fun individual, who my son is absolutely delighted to see on a regular basis. Thank you for being such an amazing source of help Sarah.  I’m always grateful of your time.


18th June 2019
Sarah has been a brilliant help to us for the last three months. With six month old twins plus an eighteen month old toddler life can become overwhelming and Sarah had provided a very capable extra pair of hands to help take the pressure off for one morning a week. She plays with and entertains our eighteen month old son, helps feed and change our twins, and helps with any tasks related to the children. She is extremely professional, friendly, courteous, reliable and clearly adores children. Our children love her visits, full of giggles, singing and happy playtime. As well as helping us with childcare she has also provided some great advice on caring for a toddler, especially regarding mealtimes and behaviour. We would thoroughly recommend “the helpful nanny”.

17thJune 2019

Sarah is brilliant with our children. Both our 16 month old son and  our 4.5 year old daughter really enjoy there time with her. Sarah looks after our little boy one day a week. Freddie warmed to her straight away and always has a big smile on his face when he sees her. He especially enjoys it when she takes him out to the park and to feed the ducks. Sarah is excellent with our very active 4.5 year old. Keeping her busy with various activities and crafts. Sarah is very professional and reliable whilst also being warm, friendly and engaging. Sarah has made the children some very delicious dishes, and has kindly made us some family meals too. We’ve all been very impressed and it’s made our busy family life that little bit easier, knowing we have some yummy food at the ready. Sarah offers some great services. She did some babysitting for us recently. We felt very at ease going out and leaving her to do the bedtime routine. Freddie even slept in till 9:30am. We’ll have to go out more often!! 


11thJune 2019

Sarah came for a home visit to help with sleep training our 18 month old boy, she was extremely professional and prepared, as well as very personable. She shared some great advice both practically and emotionally around our sons (and our) sleeping associations. Now less than a week on and our son is sleeping through the night, although it will always be up and down she was keen to know how we got on and to continue to offer support. We felt she really genuinely cared how we all got on and wanted updates, highly recommended!


14thMay 2019

Where do we begin singing the praises of Sarah, aka ‘The Helpful Nanny’. She has been looking after our 14 month old daughter for one day a week for the past 5 months and has slotted right into our family life. Aside from being excellent at the practical day-to-day things you might expect from a nanny, she is incredibly warm, caring and attuned to the needs of our daughter which has made the handover very easy and reassuring.  It has been lovely to see their bond develop. When our daughter naps, Sarah has cooked, ironed and tidied! She really is a real -life Mary Poppins! I cannot fault her, other than I wish we could have more of her! 


18thJanuary 2019

My wife and I just enjoyed our first night out together since our son was born thanks to The Helpful Nanny. Her personable and professional approach was very reassuring, and we won’t hesitate to invite her to babysit for us in the future. Thanks Sarah!


August 2018

We cannot thank Sarah enough for taking care of our two young boys whilst we attended a wedding. They clearly had a wonderful time playing with her and we felt secure walking out of the door and leaving them in her very capable care. Sarah had visited us three times before and was always friendly, professional and very, very helpful. Listening to my elder son’s giggles as they played together was a real joy. I would gladly recommend her and am sure our boys would too.


20th July 2018

Sarah has been brilliant, and I would highly recommend her. She has helped me one morning a month for the last few months with my two little ones. She has cooked, played, tidied toys, helped us pack for our holiday and unpack again on return, ironed shirts, and provided excellent advice on weaning, sleeping and behaviour. She’s professional but very warm, friendly and totally reliable, and my two are totally at ease and happy in her presence. My toddler asked the other day “when is Nanny Sarah coming again?”.


9th July 2018

O tucking into his dinner.  We have really struggled to get him to eat even at eight months old. This all turned around last week when we had a visit from Sarah the @helpfulnanny who played with O and watched him eat. She then gave us some tips and a routine to work towards. O has been much better since.

Lizzie (Review on Instagram – @lizbetlizzie)

14th Jan 2018

I cannot recommend the “helpful nanny” highly enough. My daughter decided she wanted 6 friends to join her for a 7th birthday bowling party and then dinner at Frankie and Bennys. Luckily Sarah was available to help out and she was absolutely amazing. From helping them bowl, keeping them happy, taking them to the toilet and ensuring that all of them ordered the food and drink they wanted.  She made the whole afternoon a stress free and wonderful time. The children loved her and it allowed me to actually spend time enjoying the party and seeing my daughter and her friends have so much fun. Thank you so much Sarah. Every parent needs you!


23rd Dec 2017

The Helpful Nanny is a great, flexible childcare option, that I would not hesitate to recommend.  Sarah provides a professional service that leaves you totally at ease, knowing that your child is in the safest pair of hands.  Sarah’s years of childcare experience are apparent from the handover at the beginning of the session, until the end, when I came home to a very happy child.  Sarah was extremely thoughtful and prepared, and I will definitely be using the Helpful Nanny again.