The Helpful Nanny – Offering flexible childcare and parenting advice.

If you have an appointment to attend or just fancy a break you can book me hour by hour.  I work weekends and babysit by prior arrangement.

If it is your first time booking The Helpful Nanny then I will come for a short personal visit before hand to meet you and your child/children.  During this time I will get to know you and your child/children a little and run through any questions you may have.

Along side this I also offer parenting advice;

  • Helping you and your child to get into a routine
  • Advice on sleeping
  • Toilet training
  • Weaning
  • Behaviour

If you have lots of unanswered questions and need reassurance that you are getting things right then The Helpful Nanny is here to give friendly advice and reassurance.

I offer a personal service and will work with you within your home, alternatively I am as happy to meet you elsewhere to run through your questions and offer advice.