Encouraging Your Baby To Walk

When should I expect my baby to start walking ?

There is no right or wrong time for your baby to begin walking, the very earliest might start at 9 months but others won’t even begin to try until they are 18 months old.

What should I expect when they do start trying walk?

First of all your little one will begin to pull themselves up to standing at furniture.  You can encourage this by putting toys on a low table or on the sofa to interest your little one.  Lots of people like to buy a little activity table and/or a walker at this point.  Just make sure they are sturdy, especially the walker, so they don’t tip easily.

Before you know it your baby will be cruising along furniture and finding their own way of getting around.  Make sure they have grippy socks or if you can, bare feet as this really helps them to develop their balance.  Be prepared for a few bumps along the way and you will also realise you will need to baby proof your house to accommodate what your little one can now reach.

Practice makes perfect!!!

Give your baby plenty of opportunities to practice their standing and walking skills everyday.  You will be amazed at how many times your baby pulls themselves up and down all the time developing their muscles, balance and co-ordination.  You will soon begin to notice your baby being able to go from sitting or crawling to getting themselves up to standing without needing anything to help them.

How can you help?

Your baby will love you to help them walk by supporting them round the waist (this helps with balance rather than holding both their hands and them tilting forward) As they become stronger and more confident it’s fine to hold them by the hand.  Helping your little one walk can be back breaking for you so try and do it in short bursts.  As your little one takes off with their walking they will enjoy taking a few steps on their own between you and another adult.

Plenty of praise!

Most importantly give your little one lots of praise and encouragement as they begin to cruise and take their first steps.  This will help them to keep trying and reassure them when they are trying something new.